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Tip #1:  Your contractor MUST address, explain, and initiate conversation regarding roof ventilation

Ventilation is one of the key components to any roofing project.  One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is having their roofing contractor simply replace their shingles without addressing their ventilation.  "Of course we will replace your vents."  Great.  So I'm covered?  Not exactly.  If your intake to exhaust ratio was unbalanced to begin with then you are in the same situation in which you started.

Tip #2: Balance is crucial to ventilation

A perfectly vented roof would have 50% intake (soffit or gable venting) and 50% exhaust (roof vents, ridge vent, or power vent).  You would need to make sure you have proper intake to allow the ventilation to maximize its potential.  Now, how much N.F.A. (Net Free Area) do you need for your attic space?  State code requires 1 sq foot of venting for every 150' of attic space being vented.  In order to know the formula for your roof, you will need to A- Attic square footage.  B- The capacity of both your intake and exhaust.  The common roof vent by Lomanco (750) provides 50" of N.F.A. (Net Free Area) for example.

Tip #3:  All exhaust vent should remain at the same height within commonly shared attic space.

If your vents are misplaced and not lining up you could have issues with exhaust vents taking in air (intake) from other exhaust vents.

Tip #4:  Choose ONE type of exhaust ONLY for your roof.

Choosing more than one type of roofing exhaust can allow other vents to act as an intake INSTEAD of what it was originally intended for (VENTING!).

Not following these tips could result in varied undesirable consequences including ice dams, moisture build up, deck rot, mold...

-Roof louvres
-Ridge vents (rolled and rigid)
-Wind turbines
-Power vents (electrical and solar)

-Continuous soffit vent (aluminum, wood, LP SmartSide, James Hardie...).  Options include center-vent soffit (intermittent) and continuous soffit.
-Rectangular (cut-in) metal vents
-Thin strips of metal soffit cut into wood soffit
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Roofing Ventilation
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